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Com va començar


La Galera de can Pau, at that time it was called La Galera, was opened in 1962 and was run by a relative of ours called: Benito Villena, who together with his parents took it until 1976. In next they were rented for about 10 more years, more or less to a family of the poor known as, in Can Vergara. After these years, the family that ran it left the rent and for the next three or four years it was rented to a boat ticket sales company, called Panoramix, until the year 1992,1993 when it closed. and it remained like this for a few years until we decided to fix it and open a new restaurant in 2018, called, La Galera de Can Pau.And, you will wonder where the extension of the name comes from, osigui Can Pau? Well, the second part of the story: Well, in May 1968, Mercè married a local fisherman who leaves Salvador Ripoll, she was a very enterprising woman for the time she was, already that she alone bet on the FIRST KIOSCO (Before ene they said so, now in Catalan it would be correct, guingueta), that if you have in L'Estartit, you leave Kiosco Ripoll like this. Over the years and with the "modernization" of the town they were relocated to settle on the breakwater of Garbi, there was a work that was inaugurated on June 23, 1991 with a indescribable excitement as you can imagine And that's when the name change took place, as it was not a kiosk and we happened to have a bar restaurant called: Snack Bar Can Pau. Hence the second part of La Galera de Can Pau, to maintain a union and a tradition by combining the two names. We hope you enjoyed a part of our little story.

A l'actualitat


The restaurant currently offers a wide range of dishes. A traditional breakfast is served in the morning. Before the lunch service, we offer you a very earthy vermouth that combines an assortment of different proposals with a very fresh drink. From Monday to Friday, we have a homemade dish of the day, based on the traditional cuisine of the Empordà and Catalan. A dish of the day, where everyone is welcome, both those on holiday and those who are simply tired from work and need a moment to relax. They all find good food and a nice atmosphere. And, at all times you can enjoy our menu which is based on a current touch of product "little traveled" with flavors and aromas of a landscape in which we find that combines perfectly, the sea and mountains, as we have called one of our star rice dishes.

On ens trobem


The decentralized municipal entity of L'Estartit, together with Torroella de Montgrí is located within the Partial Natural Reserve of the Montgrí Natural Park, the Medes Islands and the Baix Ter: PNMMBT. Nature is the quintessential quality mark of our municipality. His mark is centuries old and generous. Mountains, valleys, orchards, the river Ter, wetlands, beaches, dunes, coves and islands are part of a captivating landscape that makes us connect with nature every day. In addition, nearby are the dunes of Pals beach and other areas of natural interest - such as the Coll ponds and the Gavarres area.

L’Empordà es caracteritza per una intensa vida cultural, especialment de primavera a tardor, però també durant els mesos d’hivern. Destacarem la gran proposta de Festivals de Música, però també sales d’exposicions, museus i centres d’interpretació. Al costat de l’oferta cultural s’obre un món de possibilitats on segurament trobareu allò que s’adapta més als vostres gustos.

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